Respectable debut for Vladimiros Tziortzis in the ENES

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

After his successful participation in the Drivers Recruitment Program of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, Vladimiros Tziortzis will be the first Cypriot driver to participate in the NWES. He will join Alex Caffi Motorsports in the EuroNASCAR 2. As the season is currently postponed, he is right now driving the #101 Ford Mustang of Alex Caffi Motorsports in the EuroNASCAR Esports Series.

Although he has experience with sim-racing, the world of iRacing is new to Tziortzis. “I have been a Sim-Racer before the ENES, but it was only with offline sessions. IRacing gives you the opportunity to learn how each car reacts in reality. I can say that it is one of the games out there that is close to reality. I think it is a good practice for all the drivers which are participating in the ENES 2020”, Tziortzis said during the interview with Threewide.

In the qualifying in Brands Hatch he was 38th, so he had to start from P13 in his heat. He was able to gain some spots and finish the heat on P9, which meant the direct qualification for the main race. Unfortunately, he was involved in the incident right at the start of the race. “During the final race of the first round at Brand Hatch Indy I got a hit by another driver before the starting line. As a result I lost a lot of time.” He finished the race on P22.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

The race in Watkins Glen seemed to go better for him. He qualified on P18, which meant P6 on the grid for his heat. He had a good start and was on P5, with Bryan Crauwels and Lorenzo Marcucci behind him. The battle between the three of them was really thrilling. In the end, he finished on P7. He found himself on P21 on the starting grid for the main race. He was not involved in the incident in the first corner, but he couldn’t avoid contact in the second corner. Due to the damage to his car, he finished on P25. “The round of Watkins Glen went quite well. I managed to finish 7th in Heat 3 out of 20 drivers, that result brought me into the final were I was starting from P21. There was a crash at the first corner which I managed to avoid, but a few meters later before corner 2 there was a big crash, where more than half of the grid, I think, got involved. I was one of the unlucky drivers to be involved in that crash. I got a hit which brought me into the barriers and then I got another hit when I was trying to come back to the track. As a result I lost a lot of time to get back to the track, but I was also suffering until the end of the race from the big damage at the front part of the car”, Tziortzis summarized his race. “But generally, I can say I’m happy with my performance and I’m already really looking forward to the third virtual round at Zandvoort.”

After round 2 Vladimiros Tziortzis is now 22nd in points overall. Despite the fact that he has been very unlucky in the main races, he is quite satisfied with his performance in general.  “With my performance until now in EuroNASCAR Esports Series I can say that I am happy, but there is always space for improvement. I was in the final in both rounds , but as I already mentioned it could be much better without all the crashes that I had, in both of the rounds”, Tziortzis said and continued ambitiously: “I will continue spending hours on the sim to get better and to be able to bring the results that I want to. My aim from the beginning of the EuroNASCAR Esports Series was to carry as many points as possible from each round, which is very important. From my side, I will give my best to be always in the final but also to reach my goal, which is the front row of the grid.”

Credits: Vladimiros Tziortzis

The young Cypriot driver started his career when he was 5 years old. His father, a rally driver and former motocross driver, took him to a kart race. “I can say it was the most memorable moment until today. When the race was over, I told to my father that I want my own go-kart and that was the beginning of the new chapter. After a lot of hours of practicing, I became 7 times Champion of Cyprus in different Karting categories, but also I represented Cyprus in local races in Greece, like Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patra, with very impressive results.” He represented Cyprus in 2009, 2010 and 2011 in the Rok Cup International Finals. He took his first steps in car racing in the Formula Masters Russia. In 2016 and 2017 he started in the SMP Formula 4 NEZ. In his second season he was 10th overall with one second and two third place finishes at Moscow Raceway. At the end of
the season 2017, he was voted as “Best Spirit Driver” in the SMP Formula 4 NEZ. He moved on to the Formula Renault Eurocup in 2018 and he also did some tests in 2019.

During the winter break Tziortzis participated in the Drivers Recruitment Program of the NWES. “It was one of the nicest experiences in my life with such a powerful car”, Tziortzis said. The reason why he applied for the DRP, although he had only experience in single-seaters, is simple. “Always, from the age of 5 when I started karting, I was open to new opportunities and I was never closing a door. I told myself that I have nothing to lose and that brought me now to be one of the drivers of Alex Caffi Motorsports for the EuroNASCAR2 category in 2020.”

The ambitious 22 year old can’t wait for his first real race in the NWES. “I’m really looking forward to the NWES season to start and to give the best of myself behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang together with Alex Caffi Motorsports. My main goal is to give once again the best of myself in each race that I will participate in from now and on, and to reach my goal that I have set from the age of 5, which was to become an official driver for a racing team, but also a continuous champion.” As long as there is no racing, he is happy with the virtual racing. “We already have a very good start of the virtual season with ENES, as it is a good opportunity for us to promote our sponsors. I’m sure that the current pandemic will go away soon, and I can’t wait to have my first real race in NWES”, Tziortzis said confidentally. “I want to say a big thanks to my platinum sponsor Remedica, but also a big thanks to NWES and Alex Caffi Motorsports for having me in the championship.”

The third round of the ENES will take place on May 19th at the virtual track of Zandvoort. The live broadcast will start at 20:00 CEST on the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitch profile and on

For more information about Vladimiros Tziortzis, you can visit his official website as well as his official social media accounts:
Facebook: Vladimiros Tziortzis
Instagram: @vladimiros_tziortzis

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