Best ENES-result for Alain Mosqueron at Charlotte

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

In 2019, Alain Mosqueron had his debut in the world of car racing. His first season in the EuroNASCAR Club Challenge of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series was quite successful and he was crowned champion at the end of the season. In 2020 he wants to defend his title with the austrian team DF1 Racing. In the EuroNASCAR Esports Series he is starting with the #299.

Before the season 2020 was postponed and the EuroNASCAR established the EuroNASCAR Esports Series, Alain Mosqueron didn’t have much experience in sim-racing. “Before the start of the ENES Championship in April, I was clearly a beginner on Sim-Racing”, he said in an interview with Threewide. “I made some races on Assetto Corsa or NASCAR games before, but I did my first laps on IRacing to prepare for the first round of the ENES.”

Credits: Nina Weinbrenner/Threewide

Although he had no experience in sim-racing, the season was quite good. Except for the race at Zandvoort, he was qualified for the main race in every round so far. As some of the races had been quite chaotic with lots of incidents, Mosqueron’s results may not reflect what he is really capable of. “By taking into account that I’m a newcomer to IRacing, I can say that I’m satisfied to be in 18th place in the championship. I had very bad luck during the first rounds, always trying to avoid problems but sometimes, you can’t do anything to avoid crashes. The results of them were always overheating problems which didn’t give me the possibility to push at 100% to avoid an engine failure. But in overall, It’s a good season for me with all of this.”

The semi-final took place on the Roval of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a place Alain Mosqueron visited last November during his trip to the NASCAR Awards. Although it was only a virtual experience, it was a nice memory for the young Frenchman to race on the Roval. “I remember very well when we visited the track last year and I hope to have the possibility to go there once again during a race this time.” He started into his heat from P12 and was able to not get involved in any incidents on track. He gained three positions and crossed the finish line on P9. He started into the main race from P17 and soon found himself close to the Top 10. In a fight with his team mate Henri Tuomaala he made a mistake and hit the curbs, which damaged his car and he lost some positions. In the end, he finished the race on P15. “The Roval was a good race for me, I was able to make my best result in the ENES Championship. I had better luck than in the previous rounds, although I had some problems that have damaged my engine in mid-race”, Mosqueron said after the race.

Credits: Nina Weinbrenner / Threewide

The pandemic not only has had an impact on the schedule of the NWES. Some of the original plans of the drivers have been affected as well. One of them is Mosqueron’s team mate. “I saw that Ander Vilarino has decided to not run in the season 2020. I’m so sorry for him, but the reasons why he made this decision are logical”, the young Frenchmen said. “For myself, the pandemic has an impact as well. Last year I said, that my plans are to defend my EuroNASCAR Club title and make one or two races in the EuroNASCAR 2. Now, with this situation, I decided to focus only on defending the title in the EuroNASCAR Club in 2020 and postponed my EuroNASCAR 2 debut to 2021. That decision has been made for sponsor issues and because of the new schedule, which is very tight.”

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