Scott Jeffs’ first steps in sim-racing

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

In 2019 Scott Jeffs started into his first season in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. For 2020 he plans to race in the EuroNASCAR Pro for BRAXX Racing. At the moment, he is driving the #90 Chevrolet Camaro of BRAXX Racing in the EuroNASCAR Esports Series.

The world of sim-racing is quite new to the young British driver. Before the start of the ENES, he had no experience at all. “I haven’t done sim racing before, this is the first time I’ve ever done it so its competely new to me. There was a lot to learn as I didn’t expect some of the other drivers/sim racers to be so much faster then me to start of with but I’m slowly closing the gap now”, Scott Jeffs said in an interview with Threewide.

Credits: Nina Weinbrenner/Threewide

Due to some technical issues Jeffs wasn’t able to race in the first round at Brands Hatch Indy. So his first real race was at Watkins Glen, where he qualified on P50, meaning P17 on the starting grid in his heat. He was able to gain some positions, but he missed the Top 10 and had to race in the Last Chance Qualifier. He started from P8 into the race and crossed the finish line on 4th position. He secured himself a spot in the main race, where he started from P34. Jeffs was, like many of his opponents, involved in the crash in the second corner. A car in front of him spun and pushed him into the barrier. Nevertheless he was able to finish the race on P22.

He started into his heat in Zandvoort from P15. There was an incident right in front of him and he got hit again by another car. He was pushed into the barrier, but continued to race. With the damage to the car, he didn’t have the power to fight for the Top 10 and finished on P17. The Last Chance Qualifier went much better for the young british driver. He could avoid an incident right at the start of the race and jumped from P20 into the Top 10. Unfortunately he just missed the qualification for the main race by one position, as he crossed the finish line on P7.

The qualifying at Indianapolis was his best of the season of the ENES so far. He was 31st and started his heat from P11. He gained one position in the heat and made it directly into the main race for the first time. In the first lap he had to drive through the gravel to avoid contact with a spinning car and lost some positions. In the end he finished the race on P27.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

The first semi final took place on the Grand Prix track of Brands Hatch. Jeffs finished the qualifying on P33, meaning P11 on the starting grid of his heat. Massimiliano Palumbo lost his car after the first corner and just missed Scott Jeffs. He gained some positions and finished the heat on P8. The start of the main race at Brands Hatch was quite wild. Alon Day lost his car in the last corner, when the race hadn’t even started. A lot of drivers had been collected in this incident, however Scott Jeffs was one of the few drivers that came out of the first corner without any damage. Unfortunately he mad a mistake at the back of the track and lost some positions. In the end he finished the race on P17. “My race went okay as I managed to not get too tangled up in the main crash at the start. However, I lost control at the back of the circuit all by myself which lost me a lot of time”, Scott Jeffs said. “This just shows my lack of experience as a sim racer. I am probably one of the only drivers to actually have driven around Brands Hatch GP in real life so I was at an advantage and I believe my pace was good which managed to pull me back to 17th in the end!”

After 5 rounds, Jeffs finds himself on P27 in the overall standings. “I’m not satisfied at all, but I’ve realised I don’t have the time or patience to put in the practice I need to get quick at sim racing so I have learned to just enjoy it for what it is and consequently actually got better since having a more relaxed approach. I am hoping for 2 more good results in the final 2 races!”


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