Bryan Crauwels ready for the semi-finals

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

The EuroNASCAR Esports Series offers the possibility that not only the official drivers of the EuroNASCAR can participate, but also team members. One of the team members is Bryan Crauwels who is driving the #378 of BRAXX Racing.

Since 2016 Bryan Crauwels is part of the belgian team BRAXX Racing. During the season he is one of the mechanics. In his life off the race track he is studying automotive technology. “In my free time I do a lot of sim racing now to keep my edge and knowledge of the tracks. I also started trackday driving for some real life experience before I try and join a real racing series hopefully soon. Apart from that I still study in automotive technology”, Crauwels said in an interview with Threewide.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Stéphane Azemard

Crauwels has gained some experience in sim-racing before the start of the season of the ENES. “I have been sim-racing before the ENES but never on this level. Mostly just the races a normal game would provide.” So far he has proven that he has quite some talent.

The first round of the ENES at Brands Hatch Indy went pretty well for the young Belgian. He just missed the Top 10 in the qualifying by finishing on P11. In his heat he gained one position and finished on P3. He started from P8 in the main race and crossed the finish line on P6.

In Watkins Glen Crauwels had another good qualifying with P15. He wasn’t able to gain any positions in the heat, but P6 meant the direct qualification for the main race once again. He started from P18 and found himself in the middle of the action in the first two corners. Although he tried to avoid contact with the other cars, there was nothing he could do, as he got a hit from behind him and was turned around. The damage to the car was not too bad and he managed to finish the race on P15.

Zandvoort didn’t go as planned for Crauwels. He had his worst qualifying of the season with P27. He started from P9 in his heat. One of the cars next to him got turned around just after the start of the race and hit Crauwels and turned him around as well. He was able to continue the race but only a few corners later he was involved in yet another incident. He lost some positions and finished the heat outside the Top 10 on P12. He was forced to race in the Last Chance Qualifier for the first time this season. he made it to P4 and secured one of the last spots for the main race. This time he had more luck and was able to avoid the incidents. At the end of the race he was on P15 and was the driver that gained most positions in the main race.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Guillaume Hesnault

The fourth round on the road course of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway started better for Crauwels. He was on P17 in the qualifying, which meant P6 in his heat. He kept this position and found himself on P17 in the starting grid for the main race. This time he was in the right position to avoid the various incidents on track and he was able to bring home another Top 10 result for BRAXX Racing. Finding the right setup was extremely difficult at Indianapolis. “It was really hard. The car was still a bit loose, but changing one thing made it worse in a different part of the track. But with the help and input of the other drivers we found something we could drive with at the end.”

After round 4 and the end of the regular season, Crauwels finds himself on P7 in the overall standings. With double points in the next three rounds he still has chances to win the championship. “I am really happy with this season so far seeing the field contains of such strong drivers. I am so exited to be in the position I am in right now for the remainder of the season I would love to get a top 5!”, Crauwels said.

The first semi-final takes place on the Grand Prix track of Brands Hatch.

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