Alex Sedgwick with some problems at the home race

Credits: Threeiwde / Mario Schlimper

Since 2018 Alex Sedgwick participates in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and since 2 weeks ago in the EuroNASCAR Esports Series, too. In the season opener at Daytona International Speedway he took the 4th place and missed the podium so close.

Last tuesday the series headed to Brands Hatch for the 1st round. Now all drivers are looking for some points for the real team championship.

The 21 year old british driver had high expectations for his home GP. At first it started very good. After the qualifying where he gained only the 17th place he moved in his heat race to the 4th place. From this point it was obvious that he had fun at this track, no matter if virtual or real. He saw himself in a little advantage for knowing this track, because he only needs to adjust smallthings rather than learning from the scratch. But he knows that some of the other people had more time to practice many hours a day then he.

As an important difference he told us something about the tires. “The car is very challenging, 750hp and the iRacing tyre model is quite unforgiving, so where in a real car you have a lot of feel and warning, and the chance to recover if your car starts to slide for example, in the sim it catches you by surprise a lot more.” so Sedgwick.

Credits: Braxx Racing

After a good perfomance in the heat race he moved forward to the main race. It started very well. He could close the gap to the leading cars while they are battleing each other. But at mid race where he needs to overtake some lapped cars. “a guy behind me decided to go for a move into Graham Hill fully on the grass and took me out, from there my car was damaged so I was only able to cruise home which was a shame.” told us Sedgwick.

At the end he made a solid Top 10 finish at 9th position. It was more possible but there will be more races and they will coma back to Brands Hatch.

Credits: Threewide / Nina Weinbrenner

“It’s a cool concept, having it pay out team points definitely encourages some people to take it seriously and treat it like a real race, but ‘sim-ability’ is different to real-life too, so it’s cool to see new names up and down the grid, and race around some people that you may not necessarily be used to racing with. Also, you have guys like Bryan Crauwels and Jeffrey Roeffen who are normally mechanics rather than drivers, and they’re right there in the top 10, which it’s great for them to be able to test themselves!” so Sedgwick about the EuroNASCAR Esports Series.

But the ENES isn´t the only eSeries for him. His company Vertex Sports Management started an own Series on iRacing. “we have been running an eseries with a mix of pro and am drivers using the Xfinity cars on a mix of road courses and ovals. We wanted to give people an opportunity to keep motivated, keep competitive and race for something whilst at home, and then a prize fund for the end of the season is also an added perk! It’s been really popular, great racing and a great viewer count for the broadcasts so far. Season one only has two rounds left, but season two will start at the end of May and you can find out all the info here:”

About his plans for 2020 he told us, that he doesn´t have enough financial background to pay for his own season, he needs sponsors. Before the pandemic started he made plans for the NWES and some Xfinity races on some roadcourses. They made progress in this work but then corona was all over and they came back to the point they started. “so I don’t know if/what I’ll be racing at the moment. We will see!” confirms Sedgwick.

We wish Alex Sedgwick all the best for tge races on iRacing in both series and hope to see him back in real life on a real racetrack.

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