A great NASKA: second for 9 points in his first time in EuroNASCAR. See you in 2023!

Credit: Alberto Naska


A tense weekend for Alberto, the CAAL racing team and Heroes Valley: the margin of only 13 points of the first position in the regular season was difficult to manage at the Grobnik racetrack where everything was back in the game given the double points up for grabs.

Final 1

Qualifying on the morning of Saturday 29 led to a grid without too many surprises: first Tziortzis, second Hezemans and third Alberto.

The tension is palpable: we are in the final stages. Heroes Valley and CAAL racing team remain suspended in front of Alberto‘s concentration. The race starts at 16.30 and is immediately exciting: Tziortzis gets distracted and leaves Hezemans first and Alberto second from the first lap. Tziortzis tries several times to recover the first position, with Alberto always close: unfortunately Hezemans leads an excellent race and the podium sees Tziortzis third, Naska second and Hezemans first.

Naska is still first in the Euronascar 2 overall standings, but the points difference with Hezemans second is only 3 points: everything is decided in the final 2.

Heroes Valley and the CAAL Racing team crystallize the emotions.

Credit: Alberto Naska

Final 2

The starting grid is a replica of Saturday’s: first Tziortzis, second Hezemans and third Naska.

Tziortzis starts badly and Hezemans immediately gains first place, Alberto is third. On the third lap for the exit of Gomes, the safety car enters the track and will remain until the beginning of the ninth lap. Double file restart: Tziortzis starts again badly and the positions of the top three do not change Hezemans, Tziortzis and Naska.

Some approaches by Alberto on Tziortzis and by Tziortzis on Hezemans give hope for a different outcome, but the laps before the checkered flag are few: therefore Hezemans first, Tziortzis second and Alberto third.

At the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series points count Alberto Fontana alias NASKA second, with a gap of 9 points.

Heroes Valley and CAAL racing team would like to thank Alberto, the driver / content creator who made an incredible first season in EuroNASCAR and brought not only his fans to the circuit, but many people who thanks to him and the opportunity to experience the adrenaline and the emotion directly from the driver’s seat became passionate about motorsport.

All ready for 2023!

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