Round 12 – Darlington – Winner


Who is closest to win our Prediction Game? Who will win prices sponsored by NASCARJOLLY and NASCAR-Fan OnlineStore?

Logano moves Byron out of way, powers to first win of 2022 at Darlington

Executing a decisive bash-and-run on the next-to-last-lap of Sunday‘s Goodyear 400 at Darlington Raceway, Joey Logano wrestled the lead from William Byron and ended a NASCAR Cup Series 40-race winless streak dating to March 2021 at Bristol Motor Speedway’s dirt track.

After Logano gave Byron‘s Chevrolet a jolt entering Turn 3 on the white-flag lap, Byron shot up the track into the outside wall and fell back to 13th at the finish.

Our Prediction Game won Tom Threewide with 15 points. On 2nd with 8 points each FreeMatt60 and Threewide_Nina.

So we have 3 players in the lead in the overall results:

Birgit Mei with 66 points on 1st position
PeterG with 64 points on 2nd position
Tom Threewide and racedriver5 with 62 points on 3rd position

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Here comes the overall results:

NASCAR Cup Series 2022

TipperPlatz#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10#11#12#13#14#15#16Gesamt
Tom Threewide1 03330663116615111313099
racedriver52 06333113314511018135098
Rowdy Belgian Fan3 103333933110551366083
PeterG4 5613306636565863081
Holger5 630506116110608611079
RealJFK5 51003031139063989079
klanord7 31003036693631168077
Amadee738 50300635116836613075
Threewide_Nina8 06333661112308653075
FreeMatt608 0658336311008658375
Klaus11 03113666036839100074
Jens12 306338589355636073
Threewide_Mario13 0530060614666938072
Birgit Mei13 35303663118135600072
JoergG13 0335063368331388072
melnord16 31003036390831166071
Kalamazoo17 0013003869633666069
Racingfan Ron18 0580060691133038062
Playoff19 353306338963360061
MichaelG20 559303636336303058
Samuel1821 336036353006856057
Gaby Mustang22 333306668330039056
thomas.otterbach23 030009539360095052
Nascarfan197224 830003630353000034
racer25 0811003000000000022
Stefan Kresin26 356000000000000014
TK550027 00305000000000008
MaikR28 03003000000000006
thunder8729 00000000000000000

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