Loris Hezemans with a VR-headset to the ENES championship?

Credits: Mario Schlimper / Threewide

Loris Hezemans is the current champion of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. He used iRacing now for almost a year, but his experience is very limited. He really starts with eSports and iRacing when the NWES founded the EuroNASCAR Esports Series.

“I think its a good initiative to keep our fans interacted with racing, also for our drivers its a good way to keep ourselves sharp.” told us Loris Hezemans.

As one of the few drivers he uses a VR headset for his ENES races. He runs a simulater built by Dynamixx racing simulater, his frame is built by them and comes with a racing seat, together with a thrustmaster T300 steering with a thrustmaster gated shifter, for pedals he runs with the Fanatec CSL elite pedals, and a HTC Vive VR headset. About the usage of an VR system he told us “For me the VR is by far the best way of getting a realistic feel into sim racing.”

Hezemans showed us awesome fight for the lead in Daytona and Brands Hatch with Andre Castro and Alon Day. He told us, that he had a fun ans suspenseful race in Brand Hatch which saw Deflandre, Day, Castro and himself had a good 4 way battle for the podium spots, back markers made it interesting as sometimes he was able to capitalize because of it and sometimes he would looses out, but overall a fun fight.

His goals for this ENES series is of course to get as many points for the team championship as possible. Because this is the first eSport Series where the drivers can collect points for the real championship, in his case for his team Hendriks Motosport.

“I think further I would be aiming to finish in the top 3 of the championship, of course I would love to win it but quite a lot of the front running drivers have been running Iracing for nearly 5-8 years and myself since this confinement so its quite hard to match with them, but I am already quite happy with how its going so far, just like in any other championship you have to make sure you finish every race and score points. ” so Hezemans.

Credits: Hendriks Motorsport

As an definding Champion it isn´t easy not to drive in real life. Not only he wants to jump into the car and race. But he understands why this happens how it happens. “we must prioritize everyone’s health and safety first.” At tis moment no one can tell when the NWES season will start. He hopes sooner is better but it must be safe for all.

But the dutch Loris Hezemans has bigger goals. He will win his 2nd NWES Championship. Of course he will start in the top class of NASCAR in the NASCAR Cup Series. It looks like there is a good chance that he will run a few races in the NASCAR Xfinity Series this year.

In the last virtual race in Watkins Glen he was happy to be able to took P3 and in theory P2 because the Autodrom Most car doesn´t count for the championship. It was a good fight between him and Lasse Sorrensen all race long. “So I am definitely looking forward to have some good battles with him once we are back on the real track too! ” told us Loris Hezemans.

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