NWES Guess the Top 3 – Overview 2019


Only one week until the start of the season in Valencia/Spain. Which means it’s time for our very first „Tippspiel“

In cooperation with dexwet DF1 racing we organized the very first „Tippspiel“ for the Nascar Euro Whelen Series. We have a special first prize for the overall-winner which we will officially announce in a live broadcast from Valencia. We promise, it’s worth to participate!

At the end of the season the three best players will be honored with one of our exclusive trophies and a lot of recognition from the whole community.

What is a „Tippspiel“?

Unfortunately, there is no word for it in English. It’s particularly famous among football fans, you guess which team will win, sometimes even the exact result. In comparison to a bet you do it just for fun.

What do I have to guess?

You have to guess the Top 3 for each (!!!) race of the Elite 1. Except for Venray, there will be two races at the same track.

Who can participate?

Everyone who would like to take a chance.

The members of Threewide, Jo, Tom, Mario and Nina, as well as the members of dexwet DF1 racing are allowed to guess the Top 3, but they can’t win the first prize (in case that one of them will be first, the person on second place will be the winner)

Where can I participate?

There are several possibilities:

  1. on www.threewide.de
  2. on the threewide.de – Facebook page
  3. on the dexwet DF1 – Facebook page
  4. on the Deutsche Dexwet DF1 Nascar Racing Fans – Facebook page
  5. on the Dutch dexwet DF1 NASCAR Racing Fans – Facebook page
  6. in the Facebook group NLC-NASCAR LIVE CHAT
  7. in the Facebook group NASCAR Fans Espana
  8. in the Facebook group NWES & LMV8 Freunde
  9. in the Facebooc group NWES
  10. in the Facebook group International NASCAR Fans

How can I participate?

Both races of the Elite 1, except for Venray – there is only one race, will be compiled as soon as the entry list is published. The easiest way is to mark this page as a favorite in your browser. On this page you’ll find the form where you can fill in your guesses, a summary plus a set of statistics (for that you need to register for this blog – if you have any questions about that, you can contact us and we will help you out)

What are the advantages of a registration?

If you prefer Facebook, you have to wait for the post where we ask for your guesses. That will be on Friday at the latest. All you have to do is post your Top 3 in a comment, unambiguously (e.g. Race 1 #54, #66, #11 AND Race 2 #66, #24, #9) or (e.g. Saturday #54, #66, #11 AND Sunday #66, #24, #9) . If you post more than three, we will only accept the first three.

You have the chance to change your mind and your guesses as long as there is still enough time. Additionally, you receive a reminder via email. And you have the possibility to choose your nickname. (If you participate on Facebook, you give us permission to use your Facebook name in our statistics).

If you want to switch from Facebook to our blog, you can contact us.

Until when can I make my guess?

1 hour before the start of each race is the deadline for your guesses. If you comment any later, we will not accept it. If there are any delays or changes in the schedule, we will announce the new deadline.

On Facebook: If you post your guesses more than once, we assume that the last one will be your official guess.

There is a current countdown in the form.

How to score points?

For every right guess, you get 5 points. For every guess in the Top 3, but on a different position (e.g. #54 guessed on P3, but finished on P1) you get 3 points. So the maximum points for each race are 15.

What can I win?

There is no prize for each race. The first prize will be handed to the overall-winner at the end of the season. As written above, it will be announced in the live broadcast from Valencia.

If two or more are tied, the winner will be decided by drawing lots.

In addition, the Top 3 guessers will get one of the following trophies:

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Form for Guesses

Eintrag für NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019
Keine Rennen in dieser Meisterschaft.
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3

Standings 2019

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019

TipperPlatz#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 Gesamt
Threewide_Nina1 81010108338666
Lefepe2 10810808361063
Threewide_Mario3 838116638861
ElliottNINE4 655610856859
Tom Threewide5 8881150351058
MichaelG6 831088508656
FreeMatt607 388108308654
Ecki8 835106838051
TJ 18489 0010668310649
Rowdy Belgian Fan10 63556655546
MiguelZ11 005310336838
MarianR12 000010386330
Rainer Hausmann13 68530000527
4Michi413 30555600327
Kalamazoo15 00835300019
Stefan Kresin16 88000000016
Klaus16 50530300016
RezaMaulana9818 00560000011
PeterG19 3033000009
Birgit Mei20 0000530008
FrankK20 0000350008
Mayfield22 6000000006
Paddock1422 0600000006
BirgitBiggi22 3300000006
PetervV22 3300000006
Nivek199226 3000000003
Sir Elliot27 0000000000
Dobdob8327 0000000000
Tiesto66927 0000000000

Your guesses/points

Race results/Summary

Tipp-Statistik für
#50 #24 #32
Tipp Zusammenfassung – 16 Tipps
Most frequent podium predictions

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