Justin Kunz will fight for the title in the EuroNASCAR 2

Credits: DF1 Racing


Different than originally planned, Justin Kunz will chase the title in the EuroNASCAR 2 in the season 2021.

Kenko Miura and André Castro both were eager to race for the Austrian team DF1 Racing in 2021. As the situation with CoVid-19 in Japan and the United States has not really changed and due to the restrictions and quarantine measures, both have to postpone their ambitions until 2022. If the situation has changed by the end of the season, a guest start might be possible.

Therefore the management of the team discussed the new situation with Justin Kunz and Nicolò Rocca. The final decision to move Justin Kunz to the #22, together with Nicolò Rocca, and into the EuroNASCAR 2 will give DF1 Racing the possibility to fight for the team championship with the car #22.

Credits: Nina Weinbrenner / Threewide

“It is the third year in a row that DF1 puts its trust in me. Due to the new situation and after some conversations with the team, I’m happy to return this favour. The opportunity to fight for the title in the team championship with the 22 and at the same time to fight for the title in the EuroNASCAR 2 is a great possibility!”, Justin Kunz says about his change from the #99 to the #22, “I’ve learnt a lot in the EuroNASCAR Pro last season and I developed further as a driver. I get along well with Nicolò, concerning our characters, we are quite similar and I’m optimistic, that we will be a good and successful team”, Kunz says.

Norbert Walchhofer, Head of Motorsport: “We are grateful that Justin Kunz is taking this step with us in 2021 and we hope that at the end of the season, our strategy will bring us the success we are hoping for. With this decision, Justin proves that he is a true team-player!”

The mechanics and the car-chief and engineer of the 22, Gert van Doorslaer, have been involved in this decision and everyone is looking forward to a successful season.

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