NWES Guess the TOP 3 Round 13 – 20 of 20 – Valencia


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Now it´s time for the last round of our NASCAR Whelen Euro Series “Guess the Top3”. 

And here starts the round 13 to 20 for the “Guess the Top 3” Super Speedweek in Vaencia, you can make your guesses until 1 hour before each race starts.

Attention! You need to guess 8 races of the EuroNASCAR Pro AND EuroNASCAR 2. And look for the different times this weekend. With 2 races of the same series on a day.

Ether here on www.threewide.de or as an comment under this post in one of these groups / pages:

  1. on www.threewide.de
  2. on threewide.de – Facebook Seite
  3. on NLC-NASCAR LIVE CHAT – Facebook Gruppe
  4. on NASCAR Fans Espana – Facebook Gruppe
  5. on NWES & LMV8 Freunde – Facebook Gruppe
  6. on NWES – Facebook-Gruppe
  7. on International NASCAR Fans – Facebook-Gruppe
  8. on NASCAR Fans Austria – Facebook Gruppe

Who will win the Super Speedweek in Valencia and who will get the points to win the prediction game?

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