First steps of Stienes Longin in the ENES

Credits: NWES/Guillaume Hesnault

In 2019 Stienes Longin was one of the most consistent drivers of the EuroNASCAR PRO division, with one victory, six second places and one third place. Only in Hockenheim at the semi-finals he was having problems and lost his chances on winning the title. Nevertheless he was extremely motivated for his home round and managed to win his first race in the EuroNASCAR PRO. In 2020 he will start again in the #11 of PK Carsport.

World of sim-racing is still quite new to the young Belgian. “I did some practice before the ENES, but it was not much. With the Corona virus I bought myself a sim and started to practice on it”, Longin said in an interview with Threewide. “I can tell you it’s not easy! The main problem is that you do not have the feeling of the race car, but it is a great way to practice your skills.”

Credits: Nina Weinbrenner/Threewide

After the Prologue, the race at the Circuit Park Zandvoort was the first race for Longin in which was eligible for points. He qualified on P39, which meant P13 on the grid for his heat. Bert Longin in the #411 was on P18 in the very same heat. The competition between father and son is not new for Stienes Longin. “In the past I already raced against him, so I know the feeling. First time we didn’t crash so we are making progress”, the young Belgian said with a smile.

The beginning of the heat didn’t go as planned for Stienes. He was involved in an incident right at the start and resumed the race on the last position. “Zandvoort was fun. In the first heat I crashed during the start, but without damage and i managed to finish 9th”, he said. With that result he was directly qualified for the main race. In the main race he was less lucky. WIth P27 on the starting grid he was right in the centre of the action and again involved in an incident at the start. This time, the damage was quite severe. “In the main race there was a big crash right in front of me and my damage was too big to finish the race in a good position. But it was fun!”

Credits: Nina Weinbrenner/Threewide

As long as the regular season is not about to start, the ENES is a good alternative, for drivers, fans and partners. Stienes Longin is happy, that the EuroNASCAR chose this way. “I like it very much! It’s a great way to do some racing this period!” Nevertheless he is looking forward to the day when the EuroNASCAR will return to a real race track. “I’m really looking forward to race again. My skills are better in the real world than they are online!”

The next round of the ENES is on 06/02/2020 on the Road Course of the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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