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Since when you are participating in motorsports?

My first race ever was in 1996 in the Italian Clio Cup Series, but my passion for motorsport started earlier. I grow up in the F1 and F3 paddocks, between drivers and icon racing cars, because my family and me have often followed my dad that was involved in it. After some seasons I had to stop racing because I begun working as designer-architect and I became mother. In 2015 I finally restart racing.

Which was your first contact with the NWES?

I drove a NWES car for the first time in 2015 thanks to a friend and a bet. I didn’t want to drive a so powerful and strange old school car but he said : “Drive it and you will fall in love with it!” He was right, definitely . After that test, I’ve understood that I wanted to race in the Series. And I found the way to do it.

What is the special thing with the NWES?

NWES is a the only series where you can feel a mix of pure racing, professional motorsport and all the real NASCAR atmosphere brought from the US to the old continent. Driving so powerful cars without any driver’s aids (neither ABS neither TC), being part of this incredible show in front of full grandstands is something very special. And feeling the warmth of the fans is simply awesome!

What was your most influencing Moment in the NWES?

Difficult to say. There are many moments I will bring in my hearth forever. I’m thinking about the 2016 Lady Cup win, some particular races or moments during the season, but probably the most influencing, the one that explained me what exactly NASCAR means was the awards ceremony in Charlotte at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2016: I felt part of a big big racing family all around the world.

What are goals in the NWES and in Motorsports?

My main goal is improving my performance from last year. I’d like to reach constantly the Top15 and this will help me in fighting for the Legend Trophy and bringing back the Lady Cup title. In the future it would be great to have the chance to race in the US. I really appreciated my test with Mike Skinner and now I’m curious about what I can do in a US oval race.

On which Special racetrack you want to Race?

I really love to race in oval tracks, like Venray, and, as I said, the dream is to race in a US oval. If I have to think to a track outside our schedule, I’m sure that a NASCAR race at Mugello will be really challenging and fun for both drivers and fans.

What do you want to say to your and the Fans of the NWES?

Keep to support me! One of the most special things of the NWES are the fans and how they make you feel so special! Really, they are our fuel, racing with grandstands full of people that are supporting you is simply amazing! They make us feel part of something bigger than a championship, a sort of NASCAR community from all around the world and this is Fantastic!



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