Interview with NWES-rookie Marcel Lenerz

Credits: Sascha Herrmann / Hersfelder Zeitung

After P11 in the first race of the new EuroNASCAR Esports Series, the DF1 Racing pilot Marcel Lenerz had time for an interview with Threewide.


TW: As some of our readers don’t know who you yet, can you please introduce yourself?

ML: I’m Marcel Lenerz, 22 years old, I live in Bad Hersfeld and I’m self-employed. Sport is my hobby.

TW: How did you get in touch with racing?

ML: Because of my dad, he was racing himself but just as a hobby. When I was 4 he put me in a kart and ever since then I’m a racer

Credits: Marcel Lenerz

TW: How did you take notice of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Serie and what was the reason for signing a contract with DF1 Racing?

ML: I took notice of the NASCAR because of the Drivers Recruitment Program. Last season DF1 won the title in the Elite 2, so it is obvious that it must be one of the best teams. That’s the reason why we took notice of each other and we immediately got along well. We visited the team in Austria and where able to see how professional the team works, it was pretty clear.

TW: Although no one knows when the season will start or if there will be racing at all, we would like to know what your goals are in the NWES.

ML: It’s my first season, so it’s hard to judge the whole field. I will try my very best, of course. For a real driver, the win is always important, but we will have to wait and see what I’m capable of.

TW: Talking about Esports, you’ve been on P11 in the first race of the EuroNASCAR Esports Series. Are you satisfied with your result? How was the first race?

ML: Considering everything, I’m pretty satisfied. I installed iRacing 2 weeks ago on my computer, I’ve never spent time with Simracing before. I lost speed on the straights and I have no idea why. Without that problem a Top 10 result would have been possible. As it was the Prologue, it’s not that bad. I’m looking forward to the second race next Tuesday.

Credits: DF1 Racing

TW: Is there anything you want to say to the NASCAR fans?

ML: I’m a big Fan of the american style of the NWES and I’m looking forward to the first real race. I hope that everyone will stay healthy and that we can soon leave behind these particular circumstances.

Thank you for your time and your answers. Hopefully we will soon have the opportunity to see you on a racetrack!


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