NWES Season 2019 – Full Results

Gewinner des Threewide NWES Tippspiels 2019

We got it! Our first Guess the Top 3 – Season of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is over. And it was very close in the end.

At the end it was Nina Weinbrenner with the best guesses over the season. She won the Gues the Top 3 – 2019. But she will get only the trophy for her victory, because she is a teammember of threewide.

Till the end it was close, but only with 1 point behind Nina Thomas Petrolat wil win the original and signed racesuit from Christophe Bouchut, thanks to our sponsor Dexwet DF1 Racing.

We had the luck to present the price direct on the track in belgium to Thomas Petrollat and his daughter. Only the weather wasn´t good at this time.

Thomas Petrollat mit seiner Tochter und dem Rennanzug von Christophe Bouchut

The 3rd place are sharing Martina Weinbrenner, who got the full points in the last race with 15 points, with Mario Schlimper with 9 points behind the 2nd place.

Follow us for our new price in 2020 and maybe new rules.

The complete results 2019:

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019

TipperPlatz#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10#11#12#13Gesamt
Threewide_Nina1 81010108338661061199
Lefepe2 1081080836108881198
FreeMatt603 38810830866861589
Threewide_Mario3 8381166388886689
MichaelG5 8310885086580675
TJ 18485 001066831061058375
Tom Threewide7 88811503510880074
Rowdy Belgian Fan8 6355665551008670
ElliottNINE9 6556108568050064
MiguelZ10 0053103368585359
Ecki11 8351068380000051
MarianR12 0000103863555045
Rainer Hausmann13 685300005000027
4Michi413 305556003000027
Kalamazoo15 008353000000019
Stefan Kresin16 880000000000016
Klaus16 505303000000016
Racingfan Ron18 000000000550313
RezaMaulana9819 005600000000011
Birgit Mei19 000053000030011
PeterG21 30330000000009
FrankK22 00003500000008
Mayfield23 60000000000006
Paddock1423 06000000000006
BirgitBiggi23 33000000000006
PetervV23 33000000000006
Nivek199227 30000000000003
Sir Elliot28 00000000000000
Dobdob8328 00000000000000
Tiesto66928 00000000000000

Rules and Overview 2019 for the NWES Guess the Top 3

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