NWES Guess the TOP 3 Round 5 & 6 of 13 – Brands Hatch


Now it´s time for the next round of our NASCAR Whelen Euro Series “Guess the Top3”. But first of all a big thank you to the dexwet DF1 Racing team, who sponsors our prize for the overall winner. (wait for the english translations in the video)

Yes its true! You can win the 2018 racesuit of the LeMans winner Christophe Bouchut, and its signed!

And here starts the round 5 & 6. For the “Guess the Top 3” American SpeedFest 7 in Brands Hatch, you can make your guesses until 1 hour before each race starts.

Attention! You need to guess both races of the Elite 1. Meaning one on saturday and one on sunday. Remember that you have to guess the TOP 3 of the Elite 1!

Ether here on www.threewide.de or as an comment under this post in one of these groups / pages:

  1. on www.threewide.de
  2. on the threewide.de – Facebook page
  3. on the dexwet DF1 – Facebook page
  4. on the Deutsche Dexwet DF1 Nascar Racing Fans – Facebook page
  5. on the Dutch dexwet DF1 NASCAR Racing Fans – Facebook page
  6. in the Facebook group NLC-NASCAR LIVE CHAT
  7. in the Facebook group NASCAR Fans Espana
  8. in the Facebook group NWES & LMV8 Freunde
  9. in the Facebooc group NWES
  10. in the Facebook group International NASCAR Fan

Who will win the NASCAR Fest in Valencia and who will get the points to win the first prize this season and get the racesuit of Christophe Bouchut?

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